Join us for tea and tales from a master storyteller....

Tea & Tales is on hiatus for the summer, but will resume in September 2019!

Snuggled comfortably in a nest of pillows with a cup of tea, your ears delighted by the sounds of a Master Storyteller....

It's no dream, it's the Tea and Tales stoytellings at the DreamSpace in Portland.

If you love classic tales, myths brought back to life, and want to hear sections of the sexy dark fantasy story Ella Bandita and the Wanderer, join us every other Monday night for Tea and Tales!

Montgomery Mahaffey Weaves the Tale of the Sons of Tureen

Montgomery Mahaffey Weaves the Tale of the Sons of Tureen

Here's the drill...

As people saunter into Dream Space and fill a mug with delicate leaves and piping hot water the aroma of tea fills the air and then we know it is time for the tales to begin.

Join us for an evening of Tea and Tales at Dream Space, located inside of Flanders House @ 2926 NE Flanders. The Dream Space studio is the Red Door on the Left Side.

$5 donation gets you a cup of tea and a couple of tales!

Each time we meet for Tea & Tales I'll be sharing a tale from mythology passed down through the ages and also one from Montgomery Mahaffey's novel, Ella Bandita and the Wanderer. It's quite a page turner!